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Nadir Figueiredo is known in Brazil and around the world as a synonym for innovation, quality and integrity. The Company has the privilege of having powerful consumer brands that are intimately present in people’s lives, taking part in every new family meal, in the conception of a new drink and in the busy operation of a restaurant. And more than that, the brand is kept close to many people’s hearts. Something that fills Nadir Figueiredo with pride.


Nadir Figueiredo is established as a typewriter repair shop.


We start manufacturing electrical and lighting goods.


We start producing ammunition during the Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932 in São Paulo.


Our first glass factory is bought in the São Paulo neighborhood of Belém.


The automatic production of glasses and bottles start at the Vila Maria plant.


Our very known Copo Americano® start being manufactured.


ITermo-Rey goods start being produced in Rio de Janeiro plant.


First electric furnace in Brazil.


Pioneer in the installation of an anti-pollutant stove in Brazil.


The first time we attend the Chicago and Frankfurt fairs.


Nadir Figueiredo Europe starts operating.


Beginning of the Nadir Figueiredo Total Quality program.


Automation of the process of manual production of glasses.


Apex recognizes Nadir Figueiredo as the export company of the year.


Launching of the line of baking dishes from the Sempre brand and Nadir Argentina is inaugurated.


The Suzano plant opens.


Acquisition of Santa Marina® (Marinex®, Duralex®, and Colorex® brands).


Our opal glass line, Opaline, is released.


Company's new architecture of brands is released. Nadir Figueiredo Factory store opens in Suzano.


The factory in Suzano now concentrates 100% of the operations.


Repositioning and new brand for Copo Americano®.


Opening of the new administrative office.


Celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Copo Americano®. Industrial expansion.


SM line is released.


Our mission is to maintain the values that mark Nadir Figueiredo’s journey from the beginning.

NADIR FIGUEIREDO’s purpose is to contribute to everyone’s quality of life, offering high-quality products and services, which were created by using the most advanced technology of glass and other materials, associating function, hygiene, beauty, elegance and satisfaction with everyday actions and special moments that happen in households, work and leisure places.

When our products and services bring comfort, convenience and dignity to people, we contribute to increasing their happiness. That way we optimize, in a sustainable way and in constant evolution, the demands of our public: consumers, customers, suppliers, employees, community and shareholders.

The people who work here are respected and recognized for their merits. Human beings are our most valuable asset. We encourage and support their development. They feel secure in the workplace and have extended benefits for their family members. Our processes are carried out by teams that are proud of what they do.

We care about our ethical principles and social projects. We promote health and educational development and we have an excellent relationship with the communities in which we operate.

In all our processes, we encourage respect for and protection of the environment and natural resources. Our work is geared towards sustainability from the environmental point of view.

We are always one step ahead in research and technological development. New innovations and products are always being created, promoting our constant and steady growth.

Our responsible performance and the profits generated bring our shareholders not only satisfaction and confidence but also pride.


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Glass Technology and benefits

Glass is our main raw material and is the only one that is 100% recyclable. Check out how Nadir Figueiredo unites creativity with technology to give prime quality to all its products.


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